Friday, June 1, 2012

The Beginning (interview) By: Rufus Ruthouse

Who is this Kat calling himself "Talentedonetei?" 

T: Just a laid back dude from Houston trying to make my mark in music. The only difference is, I'm not trying to get a Grammy or anything right now. I just want to let people know that there is someone out here that don't participate in anything unless its about moving ahead, just want to talk about what's really going on. Struggling, making ends meet, that sort of things. It's more people loosing than winning. It's more people with more needs than wants. I'm just getting it out there that, everybody ain't rich, and I feel your pain.

Did you have a hard life growing up?

T: Naw! My life wasn't hard at all because I discovered at a very young age that money doesn't make life easier it's just a help. Some people idolize money for their own personal reasons but it comes and goes. The name of the game is surviving these days. So all my people living paycheck to paycheck and needing to get loans and what not, be thankful you have the resources to get what you need. I grew up with a close nit family with mother and father. I say we were rich because we had so much love. We had our ups and downs but we always come together to strengthen our link.

What made you want to get into music?

T: I just get a high on making people smile, and I love attention. I use to watch award shows faithfully, always wanting to be in music. My mother always had music playing while she cleaned. I always lip synced in front of mirrors and always had a fake audience to sing to. I got serious when I found out women love male singers. I was in a group before, but decide now to do my own thing.

Who else is into music in your family?

T: It's funny because every time you here a singer come out they started in the church. Well, its different for me because I started in front of a mirror and I am the only one in the family with a singing voice. I learned by mimicking people off the radio and came with my own style. I have never taken voice lessons, because i felt like true artistry and true singing only comes from within. I will do it for learning better vocal techniques. 

What is the song "Got To Work" about?

T: It's basically about no matter what you have to go through, what happened to you, In order to make moves you "Got To Work." This is how I felt at one time and decided to do a song about it.

What about "I Can't Take It"?

T: This was about not being able to take government promises about the American way of life. Everyone listens but nobody helps. I can't take it when I get charged to get my own money through the debit system. "Hell that's my money!" Sometimes I believe that everyone at some time or another said," I'm not paying that bill, I'm going to do something for myself!"  Which you should! Everybody should treat themselves especially if they grinding for the change they make.

Who influenced you in music?

T: I listen to a lot of Dave Hollister in the past. Really I listened to a lot of different artist. I mention Dave Hollister because I feel that he is underrated and should have had at least one platinum album by now. I listened to R. Kelly, Jodeci. During the Jodeci and Boyz II Men era, I began to get more serious about writing songs.

Is there someone special? Who do you sing to at night?

T: My loving wife. She is the one who inspires me to keep going. I love singing to her and getting her honest opinion about my works. We were best friends for 21 years and married 6 years. So my advice to anyone looking for love, the person you need to be with may be right in front of you.

What about your upcoming album "The Struggle"?

T: The Struggle is a different album. It will consist of love songs and songs that people can really relate to. I wanted to do this album because so many people are struggling. We often hear about fame, glamour, and riches on albums. We use to talk about the pain back in the 80's and 90's and I want to get back to that. Gotta bring back something for the 80's and 90's when we really began to understand. 


 I would like to thank all the people that called, that viewed and listened to my YouTube songs and had encouraging words that keeps me in my lab. Keep Keep Keep tuning in on YouTube and Facebook for more videos and more songs. If this is your first time hearing of me then these are the songs that continue to get rave revues.